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Panevo is an ideal partner for your industrial energy and process optimization projects.  We’ll provide concepts, engineering design and project management services to meet your needs. 

In addition, Panevo can also finance great projects that don’t quite meet your investment criteria using utility incentives funding or payment plans.

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Project Management

Time Proven & Trusted Project Management​

Panevo has years of experience in project management for many major companies with proven results. 

Our experience ranges between many different industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, paper & pulp, metallurgical, chemical, transportation, oil & gas, healthcare, forestry, dairy, automotive and many more. 

Process Optimization

Industrial Energy & Process Optimization Experts​

Our extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and process optimization allow us to help you make your company’s production the best it can be. 

We provide knowledge in industry best practices, and can give strategic advise on ways your production can improve.

Panevo Energy Management Services

Project Incentive Funding​

We partner with many government and utility incentive funding programs to help our clients have the most affordable solutions to their problems. 

If there are projects you want to do that don’t currently meet your company’s investment criteria, we can potentially help you find ways to make your projects feasible from a utility reduction perspective.

"Panevo has delivered significant cost savings across our facilities, while improving our environmental compliance"

Environmental Affairs & Sustainability Director

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