Energy Savings Incentive Programs & Funding

Panevo partners with various government and utility incentive programs  in order to deliver solutions to you in the most cost effective way.

Depending on your eligibility, many of our services can be partially or fully funded by these programs. With the help of these programs, we can potentially provide free savings at little or no cost to you!

The programs we partner with include Natural Resources Canada, SaveOnEnergy, Enbridge, OMAFRA, BC Hydro Power Smart, FortisBC, the Saskatchewan Lean Improvements to Manufacturing program, Hydro Quebec, the Transition Energetique Quebec, Energir, and Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Utility Procurement

Project Funding Programs



Natural Resources Canada ( NRCan )

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) provides funding for four types of projects:

  1. Implementation of ISO 50001 standards
  2. Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)
  3. Process Integrations (PI) Studies
  4. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Studies


Funding can cover up to 50% of the project’s cost, up to $40,000.

The Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program (GIFMP) – Industrial Facility Track is currently open until August 30, 2024, and covers costs for deployment of Energy Management Systems and Decarbonization Capital Projects.






SaveON Energy funds electricity savings projects in Ontario. Various funding streams are available:


Local Incentive Adder:

  • Until the end of 2024, select areas in Ontario qualify for a 2x incentive for many SaveON Energy program funds
  • Specific areas include Niagara, Kingston, Southern Huron Perth, Barrie/Muskoka, Elmira, and Peterborough/Belleville


Retrofit Program:

  • Covers up to 50% of costs for electricity savings retrofits for business
  • The “Prescriptive” funding stream provides set incentives for select measures such as:
    • HVAC pumps, chillers and motors,
    • Air-source heat pumps,
    • Demand control ventilation,
    • Variable frequency drives (VFDs).
  • The “Custom” funding stream is intended for more complex projects, and provides the greater of $1,200/kW of Peak Demand Savings, or $0.13/kWh of Energy Savings.
  • This can include equipment such as:
    • Compressed air systems,
    • Variable speed fans & pumps,
    • More complex & non-standard industrial system.


Energy Performance Program:

  • Provides both up-front and long-term incentives for improved energy performance at your industrial, commercial and institutional facility
  • Offers up to $0.15/kWh for summer peak hour savings, payable for multiple years
  • Program sign-up eligibility ends December 31st 2024


Existing Building Commissioning Program:

  • This funding stream helps facilities perform re-commissioning to identify and implement electricity savings measures,
  • Targeted measures have short a payback period and are generally a combination of operational, maintenance and behavioural measures.
  • Covers up to 75% of Investigation costs, with further Implementation and Persistence incentives for facility performance.


Enbridge may provide incentive funding for the investigation of projects which target a reduction in natural gas consumption. Panevo performs the high-level initial work which allows your facility to check for funding & project eligibility.


British Columbia

BC Hydro
BC Hydro

BC Hydro Power Smart

BC Hydro offers incentives funding through a program called Power Smart, which offers funding for these types of studies and projects:

  • Strategic Energy Management Programs (SEMP)
  • Plant Wide Audits (PWA)
  • Energy Efficiency Feasibility Studies (EEFS)
  • Low Carbon Electrification (LCE) 
  • New Plant Design (NPD) and expansion
  • Efficiency & decarbonization projects


Panevo is an approved FortisBC consultant, able to deliver the custom programs for energy efficiency projects. FortisBC offers incentives funding through the “Industrial Optimization Program” ( IOP ) for these types of services:

  • Conduct plant wide energy audits
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Install new, energy efficient equipment


Saskatchewan Lean Improvements to Manufacturing
Saskatchewan Lean Improvements to Manufacturing

Saskatchewan Lean Improvements to Manufacturing ( SLIM )

The Government of Saskatchewan provides funding to agri-business through a program called the  “Saskatchewan Lean Improvements to Manufacturing” ( SLIM ). The incentives are to help with the adoption of best practices, state-of-the-art technologies, and processes that stimulate significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. The funding specifically covers:

  • Efficiency analysis (50% of costs up to $20,000)
  • Infrastructure projects (50% of costs up to $500,000)

Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia
Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers incentive funding for these types of services, improvements and projects:

  • Custom retrofit
  • Customer building optimization
  • Strategic energy management
  • Installing energy management information systems ( EMIS )
  • And various other business energy rebates


Hydro Quebec
Hydro Quebec

Hydro Quebec

Hydro Quebec offers incentive funding for these types of services, improvements and projects to help reduce electrical usage:

  1. Energy Efficiency Projects – Up to $300,000 (75% funded) for various projects
  2. Innovative/new energy solutions in energy efficiency – Up to $300,000 at 50% funding
  3. EMIS funding – Up to $150,000 at 50% funding (per site/subscription)
    • 50% up to $25k to define plan/scope for EMIS
    • 50% up to $75k for installing the EMIS system
    • 50% up to $75k for measurement/implementation up to a year after installing
    • Additional 1 cent per kWh saved annually (for projects not already funded by Hydro Quebec’s other project incentives programs)
  4. Demand Response Reduction – $70 x eligible power (kW)
Transition Energetique Quebec (TEQ)
Transition Energetique Quebec

Transition Energetique Quebec (TEQ)

The Transition Energetique Quebec (TEQ) offers incentive funding for these types of services, improvements and projects:

  1. EMIS and ISO 50001 implementation – Up to $310,000 (50% funded) per site
    • Training by an external firm on energy management and ISO 50001 – 50% funded up to $50k
    • Support and advice of external specialists, third-party audits, and certification by an accredited certification body (for ISO) – 50% at $100k
    • Acquisition of measurement equipment, probes, and programming – 50% funded up to $150k
    • If ISO 50001 certification is obtained, and the company is registered with TEQ’s “EcoPerformance” program, a funding rate increase in the Cap and Trade program from $40/tCO2 to $50/tCO2 is also given
  2. Residual Biomass fuel conversion from fossil fuels
    • Engineering Analysis for converting fuel sources from fossil fuels to residual biomass – 50% funded up to $50,000
    • Implementation of conversion to Residual Biomass – 50% funded up to $3,000,000 (Covers cost of equipment, engineering, installation and M&V)
  3. Electrical Heating Retrofit Projects
    • Covers costs of engineering, installation and equipment for changing fossil fuel powered heating systems to electrical ones
    • Funded by the lesser of 75% of costs, or annual fossil fuel consumption x $2/Litre ($1.30/Litre for propane)
  4. Implementing new / innovative technologies for energy efficiency (“TechnoClimat” program)
    • Covers all costs (M&E, consultants, audits, design, M&V, testing, travel & lodging, etc) for implementing new energy efficiency, renewable energy, bioenergy, and GHG reduction technologies not currently available in the Quebec (or very marginally available in the market)
    • 50% funding up to $3 million
  5. Building HVAC Recommissioning Projects (RCx)
    • For projects and audits to optimize building HVAC systems through accredited agents
    • Funds the lesser of 50% of costs or $100,000


Energir offers incentive funding for these types of services, improvements and projects to help reduce gas usage:

  1. New gas equipment installations
    • Up to 30% of costs for equipment and installation
  2. Grants for high efficiency equipment
    • Unit Heaters – $1,700 per installation
    • Water Heaters – Up to $20,000 per installation
    • Infrared Heating – $500 per infrared unit
    • Hot Water Condensing Boiler – Up to $25,000 per unit
    • Variable Speed Fan for cooking fume hoods – Funds $3,350 plus $0.45 per CFM of the exhaust system
  3. Energy Efficient Projects
    • Innovative new energy efficiency projects –  Funds up to 75% of costs, with a maximum of $25,000 for experimental technologies, and $250,000 for projects to demonstrate new technologies 
    • Recommissioning Building HVAC projects – 50% funded up to $54,000 (in collaboration with the TEQ)
    • New energy efficient building construction – Funds $1.50 per m3 of gas saved up to $275,00, and an additional $5,000 is provided for energy simulation modelling
    • Solar air preheating system for space heating – $2 per m3 of gas saved up to $200,000